Megan McDermott

Megan McDermott

Actress | AEA

Megan is an open-hearted, funny lady with a passion for period pieces and style-based plays. She has graced many stages regionally and Off-Broadway, always bringing a playful spirit, keen mind, & broad range.

She is particularly drawn to plays with heightened language, farces, and narratives that center women. An actress who specializes in combining the visceral and the poetic; valuing curiosity, compassion, and collaboration.

Think Tennessee Williams (with a splash of Rose’), sprinkle in some Oscar Wilde, with Lauren Gunderson, Kate Hamill, and Sarah Ruhl hosting the party!

Up Next

Mr. Holmes & Ms. Watson

Playhouse on Park
Hartford, CT
January 24 – February 18th

Megan plays the fun triple track of Irene Adler, Mrs. Hudson, and Mrs. Drebber!

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