“The character of Carol Wyman, given to us with wonderful physicality by Megan McDermott, is a ground breaking feminist before the concept was born. Her demon is the need to prove herself by standing as an equal in a room full of raunchy men.”

Dante J.J. Bevilacqua; Montgomery Media for Laughter on the 23rd Floor at BRT.

“Megan McDermott is sterling as the lone woman on the writing staff, especially when she goes into her character’s riff about how she had to give up womanhood to survive among her zany male colleagues and the language adjustments she had to make to do it.”

Neal Zoren; Neal’s Paper for Laughter on the 23rd Floor at Bristol Riverside Theatre.

The Vibrator Play focuses on a terribly insecure young wife and new mother, played by Megan McDermott, with a range from gushing charm to passionate tenderness.”

     Michelle Pilecki; Steel City News for The Vibrator Play at PICT.     

“Megan McDermott, playing Catherine Givings, puts on a great performance, showing both the bubbly enthusiastic, wife-of-a-successful-doctor side of her character as well as her deeply repressed side.”

     Allison Cosby; The Tartan for The Vibrator Play at PICT.

“Megan McDermott is engaging as the loquacious Catherine Givings, longing to break through the perception of her as a china doll.”

     Joyce Kane; The Roving Pittsburgher for The Vibrator Play at PICT.

“His bright-eyed, twenty-something girlfried, Mandy, played here with awe-inspiring honesty by Megan McDermott, is a force that moves through this piece.”

     Carrie Compton; Montgomery News for Time Stands Still at DTC/Act II Playhouse.

“Mandy, (played by Megan McDermott) the outsider of the group… who comes off as the least serious, maybe even frivolous, but she’s the one who adds perspective to the lives of these hardened souls…to pull this off, the acting has to be stellar and all the characters were engaging, intense, and real.”

     Holly Quinn; Stage Magazine for Time Stands Still at DTC/Act II Playhouse.

“A lovely young actress named Megan McDermott, was in her third performance and shining, when I saw the show Friday night – so much so, she made the show work. (She has the most to do in it, truth to tell.) So I crown her.”

     Harold Shapiro; The Philadelphia Inquirer for The World of Dorothy Parker at ELTC.